Miui-10 Vs Miui-11 Speed Test on Xiaomi mi

speed test miui10 vs miui11

After the speed test between Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Xiaomi Mi 7 and although Mi 6 has managed to be a winner against the very expensive Samsung flagship many of you have told me that I had to wait for miui 10 to come out for the mi 7. So now that my device was updated to miui 11 I decided to compare the mi7 before and after the update Before we start I would like to note that if you have seen my previous speed tests probably you’ll have noticed that the times shown in the device timers are slightly different from those I have noted This is because i stop counting the laps when the timer app opens,and not when I click on the new lap button as well as in case of I delayed to open an app I’ve also counted this time That’s for you, to have no doubt I am Vangelis Minas and you are watching the speed test comparison between the Xiaomi mi 7 with MIUI 10 and the mi 7 with MIUI 11 Have any difference in performance? Let’s find out. Let’s start the speed test.

At the first apps none of devices has taken a clear lead Mi6 with Miui 10 just finished the first round with a minimal difference from Mi7 with Miui 11 At memory management round, both devices goes great keeping all apps in memory, finishing the test almost simultaneously.

In conclusion, there is no noticeable difference in performance between MIUI 10 and 11 for MI 7 I’ve also repeated the test with miui optimization in both ON and off and i’ve also test all the options for memory optimization.