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Good day, dear MIUI fan our website.

Today I will tell you of interesting functions o which you probably do not knew, but which exactly can simplify your life. And as you could already understand
by name, these functions are present in the firmware
MIUI 11.

To use function, it is necessary to open list of open applications (click on the menu button) and click on the “mode” tab separation of the screen “, which is in the upper left part of the display.

Then you must select the application and transfer its up. It is worth noting that this function will work not on all smartphones because here we need power and display of a certain size.

DND / Silence Modes In the sound status bar there are new switches, thanks to which you can turn on silent fixed-span mode time (from a permanent up to 8 hours). You can also turn on the Do Not Disturb (DND).

The new functionality allows adjust it according to from needs. For example, it can be switched on automatically every day mat the specified hours. Lock screen Svayp to the right on the blocked The screen opens additional settings.

There, the user can get quick access to smart home applications (Mi Home), the remote (Mi Remote), Mi Pay, maps and a flashlight. Payment system and cards Xiaomi does not work in Russia yet. Notifications If you receive a message from any social network or messenger, on It can be answered, not opening the program.

For this you need to lower blinds and two hold your fingers down on the message and answer it. Swipe left can be noted it’s like “Unimportant”. Notification filters allow hide unimportant notifications, so that they do not distract you. This function works on basis of machine learning and user behavior. MIUI operating system 9 will automatically determine priority level of the received notification. But, if you do not like something, you can in manual mode enable / disable to any notifications.

Double tap Very cool chip was double tap for touch notification manager keys. With it you can switch between two the last ones applications in a few seconds, because of what speed performance increases and you do everything at times faster.miui11, miui 11, miui11 features

Desktop First of all, it is worthwhile focus on the updated work editing mode table, which has become easier and more convenient  Now you can freely transfer selected applications at once on the far screen of the worker table. Here there is sorting screens of the desktop. There is one unpleasant truth time – home screen The desktop will now change it is impossible.

When you press the “Home” you will always get on the first screen that is located on the left. The choice of the widgets is formalized more successfully – now immediately visible real widgets, but not their sketches. One notable change is how we move several applications. In MIUI 11 you can drag and drop several applications and accordingly manage they can either delete or create folder for all of them. Preview all home screen pages will be shown in the bottom parts of the screen. Icon animation Although this is not the most important update, but its appearance pleasant enough. Virtually all system programs now animated icons. Posts The company has worked on this paragraph. The message type has changed, now there is sorting by days.

In addition, it has been added A special function that It is possible to determine that it came to the user – message or check code. Gallery A full-fledged a photo editor that can replace many programs. In addition, in the gallery you can make a collage of several a photo. And a nice addition began to search for photos by keywords, but for this the moment it only works in China.

Uninstalling System Applications In the network there were many allegations that the developers will add to MIUI 11 the possibility delete some system application and it happened, True, you can not delete all. To deleted applications will include: the weather, calculator, cleaning, compass and a code scanner. But even this is a plus.
In addition to all these innovations smartphones significantly improved performance, speed and time of autonomous work. Recall that for this moment some functions can not work on certain devices. Friends, I hope you liked 11 chips miui11, one of the most elaborated and interesting shells for smartphones.